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children-loves-pony-rides-marshal-steves-pony-rides-egg-harbor-city-njChildren LOVE animals! Whether it’s the family pet, a wild animal out in a field or the unique animals at the zoo, there’s always been a special place in a child’s heart for animals. And children especially love horses!

If you’re the person in charge of your company or community picnic, fundraiser or other events or just trying to make your child’s birthday an extra special event, you’ve probably knocked yourself out in the past looking for unique fun-filled ways to help ensure that your events are successful – not only for the parents but for the children. Because if the children are having fun, the parents are going to enjoy themselves that much more just knowing their children are busy, safe and having a blast!

Well, Marshal Steve’s is just the ticket. We’ll provide clean, safe, professionally operated pony rides for your special party or occasion – we’re guaranteed to be a hit with kids and grownups alike!


Marshal Steve’s Pony Rides specializes in:

• Fairs
• Carnivals
• Corporate Events
• Community Events
• School Events


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